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Component 4: Promotion of democratic values

The Pompidou Group


The Council of Europe's "Pompidou Group" is promoting public health and the implementation of drug policy in the Mediterranean Region in respecting human rights through the monitoring of the phenomenon, improvement of treatment and prevention of drug use. Algeria and Morocco have been participating in the Mediterranean Network (MedNET) of the Pompidou Group since 2006. Lebanon joined in 2007 and Tunisia in 2009. Jordan and Egypt have joined the MedNET network since 2010. In Lebanon and Egypt, a national assessment of  the needs for treatment of the drug users has been carried out with recommendations to change the law. In Morocco, the first National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction has been set up. In Tunisia, the National Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction has also been set up and the Pompidou Group has supported the establishment of addictology courses provided at the universities of Tunis.


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MedSPAD survey in Tunisia : results of the preliminary survey (June 2013) (available only in French)

MedSPAD survey in Tunisia : results of the survey (2014) (available in French with a summary in English)

MedSPAD survey in Morocco : results of the survey (2014) (available in French and Arabic)