South Programme

Component 1: Reform of the Judiciary

On the basis of detailed analyses of the efficiency of justice, this component seeked to support the countries of the region in their judicial reform efforts and, more precisely, to enhance independence and efficiency of the judiciary by improving Courts' performance. The activities aimed at adapting and implementing the legislation and improving the legislation pertinent to the judicial system, in conformity with Council of Europe, European Union and international standards.

The activities carried out included notably:

  • the evaluation of the efficiency of a sample of courts of first instance of the civil jurisdiction
  • the enlargement of the evaluation of the efficiency of courts to civil and penal jurisdictions
  • the design of a working plan for the reform of the judiciary
  • the submission to the authorities of legal expertise on the legal framework of the judiciary
  • the evaluation of the curricula of the magistrate's schools
  • the organisation of specialised training courses on European and international standards
  • the participation of the beneficiaries in the activities of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)
  • the delivery of recommendations related to the regional organisation of the judiciary.

Training kit for trainers in the Moroccan courts on the tools and methodology developed by the CEPEJ to improve the efficiency and the quality of justice in Morocco (Arabian and French only)

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